Snow Hike in Basel Countryside


Snow Hike in Basel Countryside

Written by Nitin Pradhan Dec 31, 2021

Winter 2021: Perhaps one of the coldest winters although with a great snowball in last several years, and we decided to step out instead of locking ourselves in. We were avoiding to 🎿 ski this year with COVID infections on the rise again, and opted for weekend hikes with the kids. In normal years, one has to step into central Switzerland for good snow hikes, but with a good snowfall, even Basel Countryside was full or snow at low altitude.

Passwang is a small mountain pass just 30 mins drive from Basel and in the olden days provided a shorter route to central Switzerland. On a good weather day it also provides great views of entire alpine range in the Bernese Oberland and it is a good treat for the eyes in summers and winters alike. We parked our car at the start of the hiking trail and could already see some kids sledding in the small mountain slopes next to the parking lot. The hiking path is very well marked all the way to the top of the highest point in Basel Country side, and is also marked by the red and white Swiss flag, that stands out against the perfect snowy white background. 

There is also a nice wooden bench at the top where one can sit for hours and enjoy the views, though not in the peak of the winters! The kids managed a good faster hike to the top and a warm drinks break with some chocolates as their incentive to accompany us in sub zero temperature (minus 10 degres). They  were infect far more nimble on their feet and that is  immensely helpful if one is walking through knee deep snow. It was also a good reminder for us continue these weekend hikes and shed few extra kilograms that we accumulated during the Christmas under lockdown. More on these hikes, as we try to be good on our new year resolution!

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