Catterfly delivers personalized experiences that matter the most to our travelers as it lives with them after the travel is over. We truly believe, a real experience is about the people and their experiences – starting with you, Catterfly local experts, and the counsellors. While technology plays a big role in the way our destination and local experts curate and design a personalized itinerary, how we manage the detail logistics of a personalized plan, or the way our travelers self-manage – the experience unfolds quite seamlessly as you stay in constant touch with your counsellor during the journey. Real travel experience with real people, that’s what Catterfly experiences are all about. Let’s meet some of the Catterflyers.

Meet the Founders

Mrigakshi & Nitin


Travelling is a way of life for me. I get an urge to goto new places, meet new people, taste local food & be a part of that culture now and then. Being in Europe helps a lot to fulfil my this desire quite often than not. Everything is so accessible, and affordable if it’s done in right manner. In Catterfly, my endeavour is to make other’s experience more personal and one that they remember for long time.


A full time traveller and a part time consultant is what defined me for the best part of 20 years. For the next 20, my focus is to travel further and deeper into a destination, and helping others explore and experience new destinations in their style. I believe travel is truly personal and given a choice, everyone would like to explore a destination in their own way. Having lived across countries and continents, I realized every place has so much to offer for individual tastes but many times people are not aware how to explore and experience it in their own way. In Catterfly, we want to enable them to achieve that.

Meet the team


Product Management


Destination Expert - India

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