The Catterfly Effect

Catterfly Cares – Social Impact Projects We Support

Ethical handicrafts and Art workshops with Native Artists

While we seek to shed light on local, traditional art forms through travel, we are delighted to also partner with native artists of India across several clusters. Our initiative is focused on empowering local artisans by providing them platform to teach their art as well as reach directly to the buyers. The economic returns and sustainable incomes allows them to live with dignity and preserve centuries old traditions. This initiative gives us a way to contribute back to the society and especially artist who are the true torch bearers of our rich cultural heritage. Please read more about this initiative here

Giving the gift of travel

We support Gurukul, a charitable school providing free English medium education to rural underprivileged children through one on one mentorship and sponsorships. Besides the sponsorship, we organize cultural and art based workshops in Madhubani.

We are delighted to offer them a chance to experience something beyond their typical daily lives, and we believe that formal education complemented by practical skills training and cultural immersions can be a powerful transformational force that goes well beyond traditional academic learning.

Cultural immersion tours

We recognize the significance of experiencing the art and cultural traditions unique to a particular geography to truly appreciate a destination. Our cultural immersion tours are specifically designed to bring intrepid travellers and talented artisans together. Our carefully curated experiences include travelling to unique destinations to learn the origins of the art form, hand-on workshops with local artisans, visiting museums and other singular sights for historical insights and more. Shedding new light on these art forms brings much needed attention and economic benefit to local artisans and makes for a remarkable travel experience.

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