The Story

Catterfly was born as a natural outcome of personal metamorphosis that Mrigkashi and Nitin had as they kept moving ahead with their life journey. They believe travel can often be a life changing. Though, it starts with the willingness to stretch our self, let go of preconceived notions, and absorb the unique flavors of a new destination.

They realize, most travelers would like to chart their personal journeys - but feel constrained by the lack of local support and knowledge of unique experiences that a destination offers. Catterfly is their attempt to offer unique and personalized travel experiences to travelers with the local presence and experiences of living and traveling extensively in these destinations. Would you like to soak in the experience of going to a new destination but getting back not only with Instagram worthy pics of unique sights? More often it’s about indulging in activities that suits your interests, interacting with locals, indulging in local cuisine, staying in accommodations with a personal touch, walking in the by lanes or the country side, sipping a coffee or partying in the places where the locals stop-by, stretching ourselves to do the things that we otherwise don’t. The experiences that one absorbs over and beyond the colorful pictures and videos, something that stays with us as we continue to move forward in our journeys.

Why we exist?

Think Catterfly, and you are in the company of friends and family. Our commitment is to help you in each aspect of your journey – whether you are traveling alone or with a group, young at heart or live your dreams in the golden age, want to backpack or indulge, short getaway or live like a local for months together, relaxing break or moving the Arctic Circle.

Want to visit a new country or have a unique travel experience, but overwhelmed by the thoughts of how you will manage? We proudly deliver unique travel experiences in the countries where at least one of our experts has lived or travelled extensively, so you have the assurance of being with the people who know the destination very well to advise and help you as per your interests. One Catterflyer (our travelers) once said – “Someone’s effort for you is a reflection of their interest in your happiness, and these words hold true for Catterfly”.

Catterfly Journeys

Our experiences are customized mix of carefully curated sights, accommodation, activities and tours based on our local expertise and your personal interests. Not just that, we will also organize the transportation as per the recommended logistics plan - be it trains, ferries, flights, public or private transfers, zipping thru the cable cars, horse rides, or hiking up a volcano crater. Our experts are not only passionate and knowledgeable about the destinations that they manage, but also understand your specific interests to customize the experience and support you all the way thru as your personal counsellor on chats or phone calls. You have all details of your customized plan – itineraries, including bookings, logistical details on Catterfly Mobile App with your personal login.

Catterfly Experience for You

As you reach out to us, it all starts with a personalized discussion about your interests, style of travel, budget and preferred destinations - Of course! While some of the sample plan and experiences on our website provide an idea of the kind of experiences you could choose from – usually, your experts as your personal counsellor will develop a customized plan and unique experiences around your preferences.

Catterfly Social - The Metamorphosis

We believe travel is just one of the ways that can drive personal transformation. It’s about how we stretch our boundaries and constraints to experience something out of the ordinary. Our social initiatives are shaped by this philosophy and from time to time we work with and support various institutions and individuals who are doing things with a strong social impact. Catterfly Art and Culture is one such initiative that is focused on working traditional and native artists of India and provides them the platform to increase the reach and impact of their art. Catterfly team helps them by training them to conduct live digital workshops in which they can share and teach their art and culture to global audience. We also help them to sell and market their products directly to end buyers without any intermediaries and generate higher economic returns for them. Read more about this Catterfly Effect story here

Be a Catterflyer

Are you passionate about traveling to new destinations, going beyond the obvious and connecting with local culture? If you subscribe to Catterfly approach to travel and want to share your expertise with like-minded travelers, we would love to have you on our team!

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