Art, culture and a cuppa in Basel!

Imagine sitting at an artsy café in NYC, sipping your brew and admiring art works. Why not experience the same culture brew at  Kultur Kaffi Bâle without worrying about visas & vaccinations? Welcome to Catterfly Art & Culture Festival that would allow you to interact with award-winning traditional Indian artists from Nov 20 onwards.
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The festival is Catterfly’s attempt to give you a taste of India’s artistic heritage in 5 sessions in collaboration with Kultur Kaffi Bâle. There is Madhubani folk art from eastern India, Warli tribal art from western India, Kalighat folk art from eastern India and Shadow Puppetry from south India. You will get to learn from these talented artists via online interactive sessions and buy their works. Your participation will go a long way in helping these artists whose livelihoods were severely affected by the pandemic.

  •  5 Curated Art & Culture sessions featuring traditional Indian Artists
  •  Learn Traditional Indian Art Forms Live From Artists Via Online Sessions
  •  See Art Exhibition Featuring Award-winning Folk & Tribal Artists of India
  •  Buy Authentic, Handmade Indian Paintings, Curios At Special Prices
  •  Be part of Catterfly Art & Culture Social Impact initiative to support Indian artists

  1. Vernissage: November 20, 20:00-22:00 CET - Free Entry
  2. Madhubani Art: November 21, 14:30-17:30 CET - Price : 52 chf 
  3. Kalighat Art: November 24, 16:30-19:30  CET - Price : 52 chf
  4. Warli Art: November 28, 14:30-17:30 CET - Price : 52 chf 
  5. Live Shadow Puppetry show & Finissage: December 4, 17:00-19:00  CET - Price : 52 chf 
Discounted Price - (5 sessions: 180 chf)

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Phone: +41 78 739 58 95 | +41 78 315 12 63
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Location: Blotzheimerstrasse 34, 4055 Basel

Experiences from Land of the Gods

Uttarakhand: Very few places on earth can boast of most pristine natural environment with Himalayan ranges dancing on the horizon, most respected pilgrimage centers since Vedic ages, and holy river - The Ganges finding its way down from the Himalayas.  We are privileged to invite experts and curators who have not only experienced the pristine beauty and culture of this holy land but are also working with local communities to drive sustainable travel, eco-tourism, and economic development.

Schedule: April 4th, 2021. 12.00 - 1.30pm IST.
Please register here for the event, and our panelist will enthrall with you some of the most life changing stories and experiences that you can be part of. 

  • Abhinav Singh – After being fired from a corporate job for traveling, he is today the top travel blogger from India, featured in NatGeo, Lonely Planet, and invited by several tourism boards across the world
  • Abhinav Singh – Environmental Engineer and ex-Professor from Delhi University, he is following his passion as a part of Mad2MudThe Goat Village, a bouquet of farm retreats and home stays managed by The Green People - an initiative to ensure social and economic development of rural India
  • Anchal Chaudhary – an avid traveler exploring the unique experiences that each destination offers. She also Heads Learning and Development for Boston Consulting Group. More on her personal journey in the session, as she found a true way to experience life, while living at the brink of it!
  • Binita Ghosh – after a successful 20+ years professional career, she is driving path breaking and unique eco-sustainable hospitality enterprise to develop and promote upscale and high end luxury experience destinations across pristine habitats in the country
  • Navarino Narah – an expert experience curator who connects the dots while leading and organizing bespoke soft treks, consulting luxury resorts and boutique homestays; and bridging the gap between adventure and slow travel.

Unique Wild Life Experiences in India: Live

Does the idea of waking up early for a Jungle Safari excites you? Or, you dont mind waiting hours for that perfect picture of a tiger with his reflections in the water? Let us make it more exciting as we bring together the stalwarts of Indian Wildlife travel from the leading national parks. They have not only made their homes and unique resorts in the wild but also personally driving great experiences along with wildlife conservation for decades. Accompanying them in a lively panel are the Professionals from leading corporates who would rather spend the vacations in the wild and will make you envious with their portfolio of wildlife pictures! We promise you will be tempted to pack your bags for your 'Great Adventure in the Wild' right after. 

Schedule: March 21st, 2021. 12.30 - 1.30pm IST. 
Check hereVideo or Blog from the session.

Interaction Panel: Finest naturalist and passionate conservationist sharing their unique experiences, life stories,  and anecdotes from spending decades in the wild.
  • Imran Khan - Member of Wildlife Advisory Board, Uttarakhand as well as several International societies dedicated to wildlife and Tiger conservation. In last 18 years, he has set up some of the best run and managed resorts in Corbett. And has now opened the doors of his own home - The Ranger's Lodge, to nature lovers and wild life enthusiasts.
  • Sumanta Ghosh:  Another veteran from Corbett, Sumantha owns and runs a highly acclaimed fishing lodge. He also heads Mahseer Conservancy an organization that s been awarded several times by Uttarakhand government and was shortlisted as a nominee for the Green Hero Award by NDTV for his conservation efforts in Uttarakhand. He also works closely with Corbett Foundation on the largest Cattle Compensation Scheme in the world.
  • Vineeth:Leading naturalist in Forsyth Lodge in Satpura national park in Madhya Pradesh, an inspiring eco-conscious luxury jungle lodge focused on welcoming responsible travelers and adventurers looking to escape the mundane and experience something raw and real.
To top it up, we have invited avid travelers and photographers - Amit Singh, Shobha Chadda, Vikas Vijaywargiya. They have gone beyond the obvious and their professional careers to follow their passion and travel for capturing unique experiences. Let us hear their stories and see what their lenses have captured as well.

Catterfly NIVA Webinar

Catterfly was born as an outcome of personal metamorphosis that its founders Nitin & Mrigkashi had as they kept moving ahead in their life journey. They believe travel can be life-changing, but it all starts with our own thoughts.

COVID19 has been a disruption for most industries, and most businesses are struggling to find their feet on the ground. Catterfly is rapidly transforming and innovating to manage the challenges faced by the Travel Industry in the Post COVID era. What shall be your approach to manage and sustain the business in such extraordinary times? Can you manage the crisis and innovate at the same time? Catterfly and NIVA Growth Consultants invite you to join a Free Live Webinar & hear it from Nitin & Mrigakshi themselves.

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