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After choosing your adventure, connect with our expert with just one click. Our expert will contact you with details about your chosen tour, activity or itinerary and personalise your experience for you.
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Whether it's skydiving in Switzerland, snorkeling in Bali, skiing on the French Alps or cycling through the Italian countryside, there's an exciting activity to suit everyone.
Our tours take you on a guided journey through regions of Switzerland and Spain among other destinations . With the help of a local guide, you can enjoy pre-planned itineraries, meals and transport. Perfect for big groups or family trips!
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Click on any of our destinations in Europe and Asia and check out the carefully crafted packages you can choose from. These packages are customisable. So, if you want a  totally unique adventure, you can modify our itinerary to choose your own experiences, accommodation, and more!
We love our experts, and you will too! The experts for each destination are either local or have lived there for many years, so you will get the best insider knowledge when planning your vacation.

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Find all your favourite tours, activities and itineraries at your finger tips on the Catterfly App! The Catterfly app is designed to meet all your needs while you travel. It gives you access to day-wise details of your plan, contains navigation instructions for each day and lets you chat with an expert on the go for those last minute questions. All your vouchers for flights, accommodation, activities and more are easily accessible on the app, so you can enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Your next adventure awaits

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From the moment you book your trip until you get home safe, we are here to make sure you have a fun, stress-free holiday.

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Customer Stories

"Europe is my all time favourite and the most beautiful place. We chose to travel in this season as we love the fall and it's shades... In Switzerland, the winter was just about to start. Snowing started on the next day... This was am amazing and memorable experience. Apart from the rich culture, beautiful architecture, and humble people....the salt caves in Salzburg was out of the world experience... Exploring the places in train and buses was a learning experience. Switzerland's gigantic mountains, Trummelbach waterfalls are real wonders... Overall it was a peaceful and calm feeling... 

Catterfly- our travel agency - made it easy and simple. They have fantastic planning and all time guidance to execute the plan. Very approachable 24/7 inspite of the time zone... 

I will definitely recommend them for any international trip. 

Thank you so much Catterfly."
"Took Iceland-Switzerland-London tour with the Catterfly agency - arrangements for hotel, travel and site-seeing were professionally organised. A special mention for the personal touch thru the updates available online to endure smooth transition from one tour to another. Personal presence of and planning by Nitin for the Iceland tour was a feather in the cap for the over all great experience.
Surely recommend friends to them!"

Milind Bhagwat

"I have used Catterfly for many trips that includes Croatia, Thailand and now UP, India. One thing that is consistent is they weave a protective cocoon so you feel zero hardship when it comes to travel. The reason I say that is I travelled to Varanasi with 3 senior citizens — all in the 80s. The trip was organized with such precision that included wheel chair access and execution in Indian conditions. It was organized with multi dimensional experience that included food, culture, history, music, people and off course religion.

A great team @ Catterfly —- if they can organize the trip, I know the experience will be unique. Thanks Catterfly"

Kumar Ramachandran

"Dear Nitin and Amit, the short trip to Turkey ended today noon with beautiful memories and the wonderful hospitality extended by team Caterfly . Turkey is a beautiful country indeed and the travel spots chosen were amazing . The local tour guides were thoroughly professionals and very cooperative specially Denis, Fateh, Ihsan and Ozan. Barring the initial hitch of getting familiar (India) food and potable water you guys have immediately stepped in and helped us . Appreciate your personalized care for Ved. He was very happy to make the whole trip . Even though the time was very short to cover such a vast tourist destination , your tailor made customization was really helpful to have glimpses of Turkey. Thank you so very much to your team from our team."

Thanks for the refreshing my childhood memories and helping me find my long lost love. Painting or drawing was one thing I thoroughly enjoyed during my school days but with time it vanished into the backstage with more pressing issues in life.. this three days workshop on Madhubani Painting organised by you rekindled by love. Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn the basics of Madhubani art from the award-winning artist Shri Remant Kumar Mishra. Totally loved his passion towards this art form...Looking forward to more such sessions on other art forms.....here is what I have been trying to put on drawing book post the class.....

"Their personal touch...that's what is impressive more than anything. Thank you Catterfly!

They ‘fly’ and are with you in spirit making the holidays an unforgettable experience. Their small suggestions and insights made our travel to Central Europe wonderful!"
"Notwithstanding their exemplary logistical upkeep, the entire team at Catterfly tirelessly tackled the irksome task of regulating our insular tours, placing off-beat recommendations on record and essentially extricating us from every mess we happened to get ourselves into.

We’d like to thank Catterfly for being our pillar. If we’re lucky enough to travel the entire world with you, maybe one day, we won’t be tourists anymore."

Nayaneeka Dutta Choudhury

"Our trip to New Zealand a few months ago was everything spectacular, and sharing a few highlights too many here, as it was impossible to be concise.

Catterfly team – you guys work incessantly to provide beautiful moments in hundreds of lives. You are absolutely the best! Needless to say, the only way to travel is the Catterfly way!"

Pooja Arya Sugla

"We wanted to go to Alsace, it was an impromptu decision . Once again our travel guru at catterfly came forward with immediate help . An impromptu decision to visit the neighboring Alsace region in France sitting on the border of Switzerland and Germany became reality.

The power of local expertise and technology was in full swing as the route map got almost immediately uploaded in our personalized plan on Catterfly Mobile app, and we set forth to experience The French Connection at Alsace. "

Ishita Deb

"We had our much awaited sisters only trip, a trip packed to the brim (4 countries in 7 days) and planned to perfection. Thanks to Catterfly..! We felt secure in an unknown city with a personalized guide a call away. Instead of rushing over from one spot to another and following a rigid itinerary, we lazed around and did things as and when the mood striked. 

The beauty of doing nothing to everything and still feeling content, happy and special is what only Catterfly could give."

Shalini Nayanar

"Catterfly planned a special trip to Croatia for us, and it was a double treat for us on our wedding anniversary…!

We will remember this trip forever, for the most unique experiences on our special day as well as for a perfect plan and local help and expertise that Catterfly provides, with their Clan in the country. That makes it so much more special, with a personal touch and feel…!"

Kusum Pradhan

"As we wrapped up our Europe tour, I want to truly acknowledge and appreciate the commendable planning Catterfly team has done to give us the essence and flavor of Europe. The continuous support on the messaging platform was very comforting and that saved us a lot of time. Added to that is your app which is the most amazing piece which has everything to the micro details and can make go nothing wrong. Your suggestions to visit some spots outside of the must see recommendations makes it more personalized and were quite worth the visit. Your team’s co-ordination is fantastic and I personally thank you for having such a friendly and a committed team that makes the travel quite exploratory and enjoyable.
You guys make it possible!!!"

Jayanth Mahadevaiah

"We were a group 2 families and travelled to this beautiful jewel of Bali. Nestled at the tip of Indonesia in the lap of the mighty Indian Ocean. It was the first overseas tour for our families but Catterfly team held the rope all the way. Right from the minute detailing in planning by understanding our requirements, planning activities for keeping our kids engaged and giving us the perfect break. Ubud, Seminyak, Nusa Dua islands were simply terrific. Zip lines, Water sports, Local Cuisine and Shopping in Kuta Market all kept us engrossed. 

The attention to detail in organising flights, logistics, hotels, transits and sightseeing was flawless. We encountered an unexpected personal issue but the team whole heartedly supported and pulled us out of the issue. A special note to Archita, Manish, Amit from team Catterfly for making this memorable..!"

Harsh Bhatnagar

The Kalbeiya dance was totally mesmerizing...took us to a different world altogether.
It was an unforgettable experience of kalbeliya dance from the Meena Sapera group.
Saju is an accomplished artist and he teaches us the most authentic way of Kerala Mural. 

The All-star Team

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