A day out in Porto


A day out in Porto

Written by Nitin Pradhan Mar 14, 2022

A city that we fell in love with for many reasons, but most of all its people who are grounded, artistic, and have learnt to have a laugh on themselves despite hard historical realities without denial, and the fact that they do not deny the impact and damages that their colonization had on their colonies almost in a surreal guilt factor.

It was also not the best of weather with heavy rains, heavy winds that sweeps you (and the umbrellas) off the feet and dropping temperatures..! We walked endlessly thru the hilly city in small winding streets and frozen feet as water seeped thru our worn out shoes, rode a boat in heavy rains, drank the port wine (that's not exactly our favourite), had great food in one of the best indian restaurants in Europe run by a gentleman hailing from Goa-Daman-Diu (Portuguese colonies), who prided himself on the authentic green chillies that he imports and the fresh food he makes..And, were just guided by the local who brought the entire story of Porto (..and, Portugal) to life..!
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