We caught the Northern Lights in Iceland!


We caught the Northern Lights in Iceland!

Written by Rajavel Sekaran Nov 03, 2022

When we were considering a holiday in October, we settled on Iceland right away. We looked forward to a memorable trip, with the Northern Lights at the top of our wish list.

After a smooth landing & refreshing soak in the legendary Blue Lagoon hot spring spa, we headed to our comfortable apartment near Selfoss - where disaster struck. Well, not disaster perhaps, but a menacing storm that threw a wrench into our plans to explore the famed Golden Circle. After a cozy day in at the apartment, the storm eventually made way for some gorgeous weather to take in Thingvellir National Park, the mighty Geysir & other sights in and around Selfoss. 

Next up was a Super Jeep tour to see the famed Northern Lights but alas, disappointment was in store: skies were cloudy so the lights turned out to be elusive, and we returned home disappointed. There’s a lot more to see in Iceland however, & we made our way to the East & eventually the North - getting in our fill of gorgeous waterfalls, bright blue icebergs floating in a lagoon & glittering chunks of ice scattered like diamonds on a black beach. 

We didn’t give up on the Aurora Borealis dream however, and as luck (and good local connections!) would have it, the Catterfly team was able to arrange at late notice a second Northern Lights tour starting from Akureyri that proved more fruitful. The dancing lights captivated our hearts and minds, and added more magic to the already sparkling landscape of Iceland. Our journey continued through Myvatn, the Snaefellesnes Peninsula and finally, back to Reykjavik.

Eight days around Iceland gave our adventure-loving selves plenty of time to explore the geothermal wonders of the country, the pristine otherworldly landscapes, the colourful little villages in the middle of nowhere & of course, the elusive and magical Northern Lights. 

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