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The background noise: BCA Graduate & Diploma in Animation & Graphics The good stuff: The constant urge to learn new things. I love to explore new experiences, be it by visiting a new place, learning about a new culture or working with people and learning from them in return. The exchange of ideas is what keeps me excited. I love the fact that we are in a profession which is demanding but very exciting at the same time.

Then my 2 kids, they drive me crazy ;) honestly , they are my biggest critic as well as cheerleaders. They push me to do things which otherwise I would have ignored or delayed, be it exercising or learning local language or pressurizing me to start driving the car :) The fact that they look up to me, drives me to do things meaningfully.

My highlight Reel: 1. Exploring Goa on a scooter in a rainy day and getting totally drenched but still continuing with our plan
2. Trip to Morocco & specifically night stay at a small hut in Sahara desert & then the camel ride the next day. Entire experience was from another world
3. Trip to northern Spain, it's called Basque country. Unexplored and so scenic. Again very different type of experience to visit remote places of Spain which is still undiscovered by many

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