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Nitin Pradhan

 A wanderer and Gypsy at heart, I believe living and traveling is inseparable and the experiences of being in a new place and absorbing new culture helps me to question my own assumptions, prejudices and personal biases that helps me to grow further. I am truly passionate about bringing together people and experiences from different cultures and background and help them to appreciate the true richness of life as it exist.

 The Background Noise: A wanderer and Gypsy who decided to follow the heart after dabbling in corporate world for initial 20 years. MBA - IIM Calcutta and Electronics Engineer.

 The Good Stuff: Anticipating, unfolding, and dusting the layers of a new destination by interacting with locals, walking thru the by lanes of at city or hiking thru the woods to witness in full glory the drama of life as it exist in different shades, and filtered thru lenses over a period of time.

 My highlight Reel: 
1. Driving from Uttarakhand to Leh in India with my parents in Maruti-800 in early 2000s when online maps and pre-bookings were mostly nonexistent, and one had to rely on local tribal knowledge to find the way thru and accommodation for the night. Still remember the hot Indian tea and the sweets that Indian soldiers shared with us in the army base camp just before the highest altitude motorable road in the world.
 2. Hopping across The Land of Thousand Kasbahs in southern Morocco, participating in the folklores while staying overnight in Kasbahs as we drove further down to Sahara desert
3. Two weeks Road trip across Iceland, especially around the Western Fjords and ferry to a remote island followed by a hike to the Arctic Circle. Unwittingly, we ended up touching all the corners of Iceland, and realized that living on the edge isn’t about momentary adventures, but lifetimes shared in a glance as one breaks the bread with the locals living in there.

 What Floats my Boat: being outdoors and feel the spirit of the place – walking thru the streets, hiking thru the mountains, chatting with the locals, enjoying local red wine, staying in the countryside, or old city homes that oozes the history of the place from very corner.

 My Cup of Tea: Parachuting to a new place, spend some time talking to the locals, visit the tourist office to get advice on offbeat experiences and museums, read thru the maps and guides – and then walk endlessly thru the streets. I love to pull over the car by the roadside for local food, fruits, and wine as we drive thru the country side or the mountains.

 Dream destinations: Another 150 countries in the world that I am yet to set my foot on, hopefully sooner than later.

 Bucket List: Antartica and The Artic – going much beyond the circle..!

 Top Tip: One of the best ways to start knowing a place is the late night walks (or, the early morning runs.. take your pick), when the layers start unfolding and one comes face to face with aspects of life that just need a little bit of dusting around 

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