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A full time traveler and a part time consultant is what defined me for the best part of 20 years. For the next 20, my focus is to travel further and deeper into a destination, and helping others explore and experience new destinations in their style. I believe travel is truly personal and given a choice, everyone would like to explore a destination in their own way. Having lived across countries and continents, I realized every place has so much to offer for individual tastes but many times people are not aware how to explore and experience it in their own way. While I personally do a lot of research before and during my travel, I tend to rely a lot on knowledge of the local and cultural experts of that destination. And, now with visa stamps and residence permits of 30+ countries in my blue book, Continental Europe and Switzerland is where my home is, and I am deeply passionate about helping travelers and myself experience the wonderful riches that each country in Europe has got to offer. Lets explore!

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