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Our Romantic Getaway In Switzerland

Written by Amritha Bhatt Feb 18, 2020

Yash Chopra movies and songs had left me with a desire to experience this place at least once in my lifetime. Chiffon sarees, romantic companions, poetry and couplets notwithstanding, we experienced Switzerland in our personalized way that surpassed all my expectations and desires.

In Switzerland, green is greener, blue is bluer, red is redder and yellow is yellower – be it the grassland, the sky or even the cauliflower and bell peppers! How does one experience those little things that make your visit memorable? Just ask Catterfly!

This country has something for everyone, whether you are an adventurer, a philosopher, a romantic or a plain old tourist. I am all these rolled into one, and our customized Swiss experience took each aspect of me to a happier realm!

As an adventurer, it was a treat for the eyes to view the Alps from the sky in a personal 2-4 seater aircraft. Spotting the para gliders with their colourful parachutes and the hikers on the mountains made me want to sky dive in the Alps… something to look forward to on my next visit! Even the houses of Switzerland invoke a sense of wonderment with their bunkers and secret doors and passageways. Many of them are remnants from WWII, and excellently preserved.

The philosopher in me was awakened by the Glacier gorge in Grindelwald, and the vineyards and Chateau on shores of Lake Geneva. I was transported to a different world, as I took in the magic of what is known as the roof of Europe.

As a family, we enjoyed the romance of being in the snow-capped mountains featured in innumerable Yash Chopra songs. We had our own Bollywood moments during snow ball fights at Mount Titlis! Even a train ride here is a magical experience. We rode the TGV and got to see the vast Swiss fields dotted with cute little villages and their church steeples. A sight and a ride worth experiencing!

I also got a chance to let my hair down and be a complete tourist when I visited Lucerne. I could not imagine a more perfect place to relax and wind down. Spending an afternoon in a coffee shop gazing at swans is just the kind of thing to do when you are on a vacation.

From Basel to Andermatt, Grindelwald and Vevey, every locale, drive and vista point invokes the desire to spend a lifetime gazing and pondering at the beauty of nature. A sense of happiness, peace and contentment is what still prevails in my heart and mind after a week of #mySwissExperience.

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