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Biking in the Alpine Passes or Countryside

Biking in the Alpine Passes or Countryside

There is no better way to experience Switzerland’s fascination than by biking through the Alps or lush Swiss meadows. Weather your dream is to bike through the Ten highest paved cycling climbs in the Switzerland, or take up the “Lite Challenge” – cycling through fields & farmland, along rivers and lake shores. The ride is relatively easy, giving you plenty of time to explore enroute stops. Swiss landscape offers a wide range of trails between 1,400 m and 3,100 m and when combined with unique mountain vistas, these guarantee an unforgettable biking experience. Anyone seeking the most spectacular ascent, the most stunning panorama, or the most beautiful trail can profit from the insider knowledge of the local experts offering professionally organized tours for all abilities. What’s more, special mountain bike hotels provide a fitting framework by offering extra infrastructure and services. Make it active on your vacation or join us on any of the weekend. Or, once the mountain passes open up in the Summers – we can organize a special ride for you.

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