My Swiss Trip


My Swiss Trip

Written by Maanya Aug 13, 2018

As I came out of the Zurich airport, in the pleasant breeze, the very first look at Switzerland made my eyes shine . Ah! What a beauty! Little did I know about its rivers having crystal clear water, about the shining white snow on many mountains and trains that showed the Swiss natural beauty. All of it was better than I thought it would be.

I visited Mt. Titlis, Andermatt and Jungfraujoch where I found a lot of snow. In fact it was snowing in Andermatt and it was such a wonderful experience drinking some hot coffee while watching snow fall down outside.

Out of all the things, I liked one thing the most, cycling in a natural trail along river Aare in Interlaken, listening to some birds chirping to a beat, listening to my mom play her harmonica as she rode on a tandem cycle with my dad in front of her with his mind away from all his stressful work. And well, I was merrily cycling with my parents, as happy as they were….all in Swiss beauty.
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