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My Immersive Art Experience

Written by Brinda Menon Feb 12, 2021
My experiment with all Indian Art forms with Catterfly has been so fulfilling so far. Really happy to discover Catterfly Art & Culture :) You guys are doing a great job.🙏🙏 Thank you very much.

I'm doing various artforms and tried to encapsulate each experience her. Do read it and let me know your thoughts...


Traditional Bharni Style in Madhubani Painting

My experience of working with Nation Awardee Madhubani Artist - Ms Hema Devi has been so wonderful. She teaches with so much of patience, and imparts so many tips and tricks while teaching. It's been a beautiful experience to learn under her guidance. One of the painting which we did was on most famous motifs of Madhubani Art - Peacock and that also on huge size. But Hema ji's teaching is so simple that you don't get hassled by anything. I'm pretty happy with the result we got..:)



Tree of Life - A beautiful journey of Gond Art

I had this wonderful experience of  living the night life of a tree through Gond art with renowned artist Sambhav shyam ji. I loved the way he brought life into the art.

We chose a black background to represent night and vibrant colors to bring life into the art. A simple art form with so much of depth and feeling and emotion of nature around us which many times we fail to recognize or observe in this hustle bustle of one's life. Take a pause and enjoy and destress yourself with this art form Gond. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this session with so much of information you get from Sambhav ji .


Learning Contemporary Pichhwai Art

I had a wonderful experience of learning contemporary style of painting of Krishna with young, energetic, enthusiastic and great master Kapil ji and his pure love for Thakur ji is seen in the painting. We got to learn a lot about Nathdwara from where Pichhwai art has been originated, history of Pichhwai art, and of course Lord Krishna. His detailed explanation about the merging of coolers, highlighting and easy tips and trick to make this art easy was a treat for us. This is my first try on Canvas with Acrylics but the ease with which he taught something that felt difficult in the beginning eventually turned out easy to try my hand at.


Gond Art On Colorful Background

I did yet another session with Gond artist Sambhav Shyam ji. This time on a colorful background. Unfortunately or fortunately I didn't have red paper to do the art. So I did it on white paper.  The session was brilliant as usual. the simplicity of the painting changed when colors where added to the drawing .mine though on white also looked good.  The day the session was getting over I got my red paper I had ordered for. I was thrilled to try this art work on Red and you won't believe it, the feel of painting on a coloured sheet was so different with the vibrant colours used on the red background gave a different look to the same art done on white.

Thank you Catterfly and all the Master Artists here for opening up so many beautiful experiences for me .. :)

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