My European Experience


My European Experience

Written by Shashwat Jun 12, 2019

Switzerland, to me personally is the best place to be if you love scenery, greenery, and mountains and I do love all that. At first, I knew nothing about the Swiss greenery and mountains, but as soon as I walked out into the open I noticed it all. A big source of my scenery would probably be from the trains, I loved spending so much time on the trains and enjoying the beauty that it travels through. I visited so many places that I don’t know where to start, be it Mt. Titlis, Matterhorn, Grindelwald and so many more astonishing places. One of my favorite things there was the food. Everything that I got to eat there was full of cheese and my favorite thing to eat is cheese. I have traveled Switzerland with my family happily enjoying the beauty around us.

Venice is also an other place that I visited in my one week trip of Europe. Venice is the city/island with no cars whatsoever and that was a part that I liked about Venice. I loved just walking through the small but beautiful city and visiting so many places in just one day such as Piazza San Marco, The Grand Canal, Murano, St. Mark’s Basilica, and so many more places. An all-time favorite activity to do in Venice for me was when I took a ride through the city in a gondola. What I regret was that we only got a day to roam around in Venice, a few days there would have truly been an astounding experience of Venice.

Overall my European experience has been the most exciting trip of my life and I hope to come back to visit someday.
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