5 Must visit places with your Sister


5 Must visit places with your Sister

Written by Shalini Nayanar Aug 13, 2018
…because, there’s no better travel buddy to relive the experiences

Finally we had our much awaited sisters only trip … a trip packed to the brim (4 countries in 7 days) and planned to perfection.

Thanks to Catterfly..! We felt secure in an unknown city with a personalized guide a call away. What I like about Catterfly planning is their understanding on what we need and personalize the trip based on what we want. We had lots of options a click away (Catterfly app), nothing was time bounded or a must go. So instead of rushing over from one spot to another and following a rigid itinerary, we lazed around and did things as and when the mood striked. The beauty of doing nothing to everything and still feeling content, happy and special is what only Catterfly could give.

As a contrast to our routine, bounded with time, to do lists and crazy work schedules, we were two carefree kids giggling along the streets, who had all the time in the world to do as we pleased.

From screaming on a Toboggan ride in Germany which was rolling at a snail pace, to throwing snowballs at each other in Mt. Titlis, to making dialogue for some strangers along the shore of river Seine in Paris, to checking out erotic shops in the streets of Amsterdam … we lived our days to the fullest, bagging lots of happy memories to cherish a lifetime.

Our mornings starts with trying out each other’s wardrobe and sharing makeup tips.. then we set out to explore the city with some freshly baked bread, homemade marmalade and a cup of cappuccino. My sister being a foodies most of our planning were around what to eat next than what to see next ☺ .. We tried fine dining to street food. We even gave our expert opinion to a French baker on how she can improvise her Chicken Quiche with some Indian masala to make it more edible …. Yes as you guessed, the chef was not happy and since we didn’t want her to spit on our next order we left soon.

Evenings were the best!! We walked along the streets of Paris, enjoying the street music and dancing couples in the background of sunset lightings. It was a sight to behold. Every block showcased its uniqueness. If on one block it was Latin dance, the next block was guys playing celo, and the next it was an African tribal dance.. We enjoyed every minute of this festivity.
Nights in Amsterdam was imperfectly beautiful. Walking along the Amstel river we absorbed the exquisiteness of a culture that was very distinct in many ways.

Though we enjoyed the summer crowd on streets we as well enjoyed our quite times. This trip gave us time to relive our golden childhood days, from laughing over silly jokes, to taunting each other on our mishaps, to enacting some old jokes, to recounting old memories… It was worth it all!

As they say “Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller!!”
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