The 400 Year Old War Ship- Vasa Stockholm


The 400 Year Old War Ship- Vasa Stockholm

Written by kabir pradhan Apr 30, 2020

Few Months ago we took a trip to Sweden and one of our amazing adventures there was wen we went to the Vasa museum! Vasa was a Swedish war ship and sank in 1628,this ship was 69m long and 52.5m tall. About 30 people survived the ship wreck. Back to my story, when we entered the Museum the Vasa was huge!!! It was the biggest ship i have ever seen!!

The reason Vasa ship is so old is because it sank as it was too narrow and it couldn't displace enough water. Then nobody could find it for 300 odd years. Once it was found they had to send divers down to pull it up, and they used to go in this giant bell.


We started to read the labels about the ship, then i realized Vasa  interesting ship not only because it was big, i am saying its interesting because it has a very awesome History. After that there was even a treasure hunt only for kids, in that we had to find different sculptures or writings about the Vasa. And on these tablets is shown what they used to do on the ship.


 After a little while we got a bit tired with it. Then we took a guided tour so that we would know more about the Vasa. After the guided tour we saw a film about the Vasa ship.Then we had lunch, there was so delicious items on the menu i could not decide what to choose, then we had dessert and i kind of took  a cookie from the counter without asking but then dad went to the counter and paid for the cookie. 


After a while we went back to in the museum and looked at the ship a few more times and then we went out of the museum. That was one of my trips to Sweden and i guess this is the End. 

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