Take only memories, leave only footprints


Take only memories, leave only footprints

Written by Vrinda Dhawan Aug 26, 2018
Take only memories, leave only footprints.
During our summer (July 2018) travel to Budapest, Prague and Vienna, we amassed tons of memories and earnestly tried to leave our footprints. There isn’t a doubt that these cities definitely left a deep imprint in our hearts, now richer and filled with stories which will be told again and again.

Beautiful Budapest:

The city straddles the Danube with hilly old ‘Buda’ on one side and the plain stretch 'Pest' on the other. The city’s history can be absorbed just by walking down the cobbled streets (Utcas) between gothic, neo-renaissance and baroque structures and buildings.
Something catches your eye in every ‘Utca’. We passed by a park which had a Michael Jackson memorial on a tree and an elephant doodled with chalk on the side walk. There was some awesome graffiti on the walls. The most talked about and pictured graffiti was the Rubik’s cube, an invention by Hungary’s own Ernő Rubik. If you stand very close to the mural you can see tiny colourful circles, but if you go a little further back, the circles make up a 250-square-meter Rubik-cube.
The humbling and sobering experiences we had - be it strolling past the shoes on the banks of Danube, a simple and understated memorial or visiting the Dohány Synagogue and Hospital in the Rock, a nuclear war bunker – were rude reminders of the brutalities and ugliness war brings out in mankind.
Our cultural appetite was fed with Frida Kahlo's exhibition at the National Art Gallery and the many boutique art galleries around the city.
Two wonderful days in Budapest with sun and rain, walking up to the Buda Castle with a gorgeous view of the Pest across the Danube, wandering around in Fisherman’s Bastion, neo-Baroque Széchenyi bath’s, the cobbled Utca’s and a beautiful cruise up the Danube gave us a life time of memories.
More ramblings to follow on about our next leg of journey, Pretty Prague. A city we left saying brzy se uvidíme!

Continuing on our second leg of journey… Pretty Prague

The city has such a wonderful friendly and vibrant spirit that rubs on you. This unpretentious city made us fall a little more in love with ourselves and even more with its lively spirit. We checked off and pinned various locations on the world map ‘as seen it, done that’ , but with Prague its brzy se uvidíme Praha, see you again!

Our family’s unanimous vote on the highlight of this part of the trip was hiking in the Bohemian Saxon Park. This wasn’t on our radar till Catterfly suggested it, so guys, thank you very much! This experience left a happy imprint in our hearts. Three souls stirred by wonder of nature, wondering why we need any other high in life when nature has the power to give us the greatest! It’s nature, our true habitat, that centres us and gives us peace. Met some wonderful people during trek and our guide John was such a warm and pleasant person. The conversations, the laughs and the experiences the group shared while trekking is a big part as to why we treasure this experience so much. It’s the story of our shared experiences that bonds people, isn’t it?

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