Happy Feet..!


Happy Feet..!

Written by Swati Chawla Jan 27, 2018
Happy Feet !

When you visit a country you once called home every part of your body is filled with excitement and delight, especially if you are returning to what was a happy home!

Thats what happened with me when i decided to visit Singapore after two years since I relocated. Interestingly there was a part of me which was more delighted than others….my feet ! Simply because they could breath, soak in the sun and even walk on the streets with a bounce and glory, over exposing without worrying about stepping into dung or dying of frost bite, showing off the beautifully painted toes !

The background : I spent the early years of my life in the emerging markets of Asia where the footpaths ( if they exist) were not clean and one had to always watch out to protect the feet and shoes from dung, potholes etc. and Second i lived in cold Europe for the last two years and my poor feet didnt get the glimpse of the outside world as they were always wrapped like they were precious presents to be preserved for a nice sunny day !

Thus,for all those visiting Singapore, here are some tips and do’s and dont’s to get happy feet :

1. Carry comfortable shoes ( can be sneakers or flip flops ) : Singapore has some very beautiful walking paths, including the 10.5 km beach side stretch at ECP, the Marina Bay area, the shopping district at Orchard amongst many. These are not to be missed for any reasons, especially lack of comfortable footware.
2. Open toe sandals and flip flops are acceptable footware for shopping, malls, beach, movies and food courts
3. Open toe sandals are even acceptable in all restaurants including the ones at Clark Quay, Robertson Quay and in five star hotels and resorts
4. Only a few high end night clubs dont allow flip flops and open toe sandals. Though heels are not mandatory, Singaporeans like to wear heels to clubs. A pair of flat closed shoes ( not sneakers) would also do if you are not comfortable with heels.
5. If you get tired of walking and shopping , best to relax at a foot reflexology center. Foot reflexology is very popular in Singapore and thus a center would not be more than 10minutes away. These are fairly affordable and safe and can really energise the tired feet.
6. The walking areas everywhere ( except maybe little india and china town areas during rain) are very clean and you dont have to worry about dirt crawling in through your flip flops !
7. Lastly if want to experiment with a new nail paint or just go for a cleanse, most salons offer express padicures. These normaly take 20 minutes and cost anything between 15 to 30 sgd. In this price, they cleanse, moisturise feat, file and pain the toes. All worth it without taking too much of your time away from shopping and siteseeing !

Hope you have happy feet in Singapore !
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