An unforgettable journey in India


An unforgettable journey in India

Written by Annisa Khairani Nov 23, 2023
We had a business trip to India earlier this year and decided to tack on some leisure time at the end. Honestly, we were unsure how to make the most of our short time there. That's when we found Catterfly, and they completely changed the game for us.

They put together a trip that was right up our alley, blending in things we loved with some unexpected adventures we wouldn't have thought of on our own. Despite being there for less than a week, it felt like we experienced so much – from tasting incredible local dishes to discovering some unique products to bring home.

The best part of Catterfly is they are realistic and honest about the trip. There was no exaggeration or understatement, which helped us decide our routes.

Our group was a mix of seasoned travelers and a few who hadn't done much traveling. One of us went for the second time to India, and the rest was first timer. But Catterfly nailed it, creating a trip that suited all of us. We all enjoyed stepping a bit outside our comfort zones while still feeling totally at ease.

We were impressed with how Catterfly handled everything, making our trip both easy and memorable. If you're heading to India and want a trip that's tailored for you but still full of surprises, we'd recommend Catterfly. They helped us make the most of our time there and left us with great memories.
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