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Travel in a Brave New World

Written by Archita Prasad Jun 08, 2020
Things are looking up! While there is a long way to go, lockdown measures and border restrictions have been eased and preparations are underway for the return of domestic and international tourists in many destinations. While we will continue to monitor the situation closely and share updates through our channels, we want to share the way forward with you.

  • It's time to share! Whether it's reminiscing about your favourite vacation, sharing the lessons learnt about packing light, or the joy of finding comfort food in a foreign country - travel is about the small moments and we want to hear from you! Share your travel stories and learn from others experiences through video, blogs, events and more!

  • You can still travel virtually! We do not recommend travelling internationally at the moment but If you're itching to scratch the travel bug, we are offering the opportunity to interact with travel experts from around the world. This is the perfect time to pick their brain, get fascinating insights into local culture and bookmark recommended experiences for future travel.

  • Go local! This is the perfect opportunity to check out the gems in your own backyard. Consider road trips and staycations in destinations close to home. Ask us for recommendations! Nitin and Mrigakshi are leading the way with family hikes in their enviable backyard, the Swiss Alps.

  • Quality over quantity is the mantra of the season. Not compromising on health and safety is paramount. Vetted properties have become all the more important now. Rather than chains, we suggest opting for family run B&B's or boutique properties that can follow and maintain hygiene standards at lower volumes. Watch this space for Catterfly recommendations!

  • Plan wisely! A global pattern has emerged with some countries faring better than others at enforcing preventative measures and keeping transmission rates low. In the medium to long term, we would recommend considering countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Germany, New Zealand, Croatia or Slovenia for a vacation. Of course, the situation is a rapidly evolving one so do check travel advisories regularly or get in touch with our destination experts for up to date information. 
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