Incredible Honeymoon In Iceland and Paris


Incredible Honeymoon In Iceland and Paris

Written by Deepak Raja Feb 17, 2020

When I told we were planning to visit Paris and Iceland for honeymoon trip, many people gave a confounded look. They are 2 places which are opposite in every sense. Only thing common among them is that they are in Europe. Paris was my wife’s idea and Iceland was my idea. Now, that would make sense. But we both ended up enjoying both the places so much.

I am more of a nature guy and always wondered what was so great about Paris. Places which were considered must-visit were all monuments – Man-made. So I had my doubts before visiting the place. I felt that visiting those places won’t be that much different from looking at them on photos. I am happy that I was proven totally wrong. There was something so beautiful about the city that makes you fall in love with it. Walking out there in the night, you get a strange feeling of happiness seep into you. The atmosphere of Paris has some strange elements that sweep you of your feet.

We visited the Eiffel tower on a chilling night, went up the tower and absolutely relished the beautiful view that was in front of us. No camera can do justice to what we saw there. Took the hop-on hop-off tour to go around the city and saw several places of historic importance from outside. We went inside the Orlay museum where I actually realized my wife’s passion for painting. Based on her reaction, I can safely say that the museum was worth a visit. Though we didn’t have time to enter the Louvre museum, the places around the museum are a feast to our eyes.

Whenever I think of Iceland, I just run out of words to speak. There was something so different about that place which makes it hard to explain in words. Maybe that is why the Icelandic people managed to preserve the Nordic language intact for so many centuries while the other countries’ languages went through so much of change. Maybe the beauty of Iceland can be explained only in the Icelandic language, which by the way is definitely one of the most difficult languages.

We visited the ice-cave, glacier lagoon, the golden circle and also did whale watching. Every place reminded me of some movie. The Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon is a breath-taking. It is hard to make up your mind to get out of the place when the time is up. The Langjökull ice-cave is beautiful both to look inside and to hear about. The guides who took us to both the places were so good. The Golden circle tour took us to multiple places in Iceland. Many of the places are the shooting spots of some well known movies and tv series. Whale watching was a totally different ball game. The seas were pretty rough that day. To hold on to the railings with one hand, camera with another trying to get a glimpse of the whales was pretty challenging. I needed an extra hand to hold on to my stomach as some stories of ocean sickness frightened me. Overall, Iceland gave me what I asked for.

This was our first trip abroad and it was worth it. Catterfly team was always a message away. Nitin helped me prioritize places and suggested the best ways to get to those. It was like having an invisible guide next to me. Thanks for helping me do this wonderful trip without any hassles. Even if we lose the pictures by any chance, this trip will stay fresh in our minds forever.
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