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I Fell In love With Switzerland

Written by Monika Arora May 14, 2021

Who says magic does not happen? As they say, the universe also bows down in front of a stubborn heart, and after much research and planning for a European holiday – Yashish, Mayukh, and I landed in the magical and serene Switzerland in mid-August. Of course, the stubborn hearts love it when others play their part, with unassuming smiles right from the start..! Kudos to the Catterfly family who kept adding glitter and glamour to our Rendezvous with Paradise, despite our trials with visa processing.

As we arrived in Zurich, and Mr. Nitin Pradhan himself came to meet us – the personal touch that Catterfly adds to the entire story is very heartening indeed. We drove together to Interlaken, and our tryst with magical Switzerland started enroute – as the car gentle rolled over to the side of a curvy mountainous road. Despite being tired after a long flight – we simply soaked in the post card view of Switzerland – a small alpine village by the lakeside surrounded by the mountains. It wasn’t hard to imagine that one needs to know these local gems to truly enjoy and experience a new country, and here we were on the path soon after arriving..

As we reached Interlaken, we checked into our lovely apartment with a view of Lake Brienz. The Aparthotel itself was owned by a brother-sister duo – very sweet and caring old buddies, who started off our experiences of being with the locals in our dream country.

After a quick shower and a cup of hot coffee, we strolled around Hoheweg – the main street of Interlaken that affords a magnificent view of the Alpine range, with charming shops, hotels, and flower beds by lining by the sidewalk.

As we strolled further, we could see the Interlaken Monastery and Castle, that has a Fourteenth Century bell tower along with a Gothic Cloister, but were too tired to go inside the castle and retired for the day. However, Interlaken valley is so spectacular that some misses hardly matter. We were completely spellbound by the snow clad Swiss Alps, para-gliders thronging the blue skies, crystal clear lakes and ravines with rainbows of flowers everywhere around.

The tranquility of a rather small town was an icing on the cake with no hustle bustle of a city, warm and helpful people, everything about this paradise was like a beautiful dream come true. It was a perfect start to our Swiss escapades, as we just strolled around and soaked in the beauty all around us…!

More to follow from my Swiss diary, as we continued our journey thru Switzerland..!


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