A Gem Of Madhubani art - National Awardee: Mrs. Hema Devi


A Gem Of Madhubani art - National Awardee: Mrs. Hema Devi

Written by Manjula Feb 03, 2023

Madhubani is an art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. National Awardee artist for Madhubani work, Mrs. Hema Devi comes from a family of Madhubani artists and married into one. She has several awards to her name - a national award, the Sita Devi award, the Bihar Kala award, Bihar state award for paper mache. 

She must have been around 15 when she first started trying her hand at Madhubani painting. Her mother Leela Devi and mother-in-law Subhadhra Devi are also national award winners. Her love for art forced her to learn the art of paper mache from her mother-in-law Subhdara Devi.  Apart from practicing the craft, she also teaches students the techniques of papier mache and Madhubani. 

She is someone who personally enjoys painting, singing, and also reading. Being a Bihari, she's also a die-hard fan of fish and rice. She enjoys traveling and exploring new places and cultures and taking inspiration from such places and experiences, out of which her favorite place was Bangalore. She once went on her first international trip to Amsterdam for her workshop, she goes to different places to conduct her workshops and introduce more people to these art forms. 

She likes getting ready, and doing her makeup and has a great interest in having conversations with people. She enjoys shopping, especially saris. Her love for the sari is immense as well as loves wearing it too. Catterfly organizes Hema Devi’s workshops as part of their initiative teachings in various art forms of India. Hema Devi has participated in many exhibitions and training workshops. She continues to devote herself to the development of this art. Hema Devi is truly an inspiration for women's empowerment.🤗🤗

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