5 Things That Will Happen To You In Croatia


5 Things That Will Happen To You In Croatia

Written by Vaishali Banthia Feb 17, 2020
Spoiler Alert!
If you haven’t been to Croatia yet, be warned – the following is likely to happen to you.

1. You’ll want to take pictures everywhere. Seriously.

It’s gorgeous everywhere and the sunny skies make great lighting too 😉 We went to Split and Dubrovnik first, and we could have spent days just walking around the old town. Every alley leads to someplace special and it’s not difficult to imagine what life was like here in the 1500s.

2. You’ll take long walks on the beach.

Or if you’re like us… long runs to the beach. The water front area on Split is peaceful and inviting, and we enjoyed a morning run there. We even picked up fresh fruit at the local market, came home and cooked ourselves a nice breakfast. We felt right at home in a country so different from ours. Croatia will do that to you!

3. You’ll hang out causally on a yacht.

This was the highlight of our trip! A private yacht took us to the neighbouring islands of Lopud and Elaphiti. We felt completely pampered with the whole vessel to ourselves. Learn a little bit about sailing if you’re interested, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the views of the Adriatic Sea.

4. You’ll feel like a kid again.

Bicycle races are for adults too! While island hopping, the easiest way to explore your surroundings is by cycling. We rented bicycles at Lopud and did some hiking too. A welcome break from all the lounging on the yacht 😉 Lopud is a small and peaceful island with a great local art scene. We picked up a few pieces to remind us of this sunny little spot in the Adriatic.

5. You’ll have the time of your life…

…we sure did!
We have so many great memories of our trip, from partying in a club in Dubrovnik old town to discovering a little gem of a restaurant with a vegetarian spread. Most of all, just taking in the history and culture of this amazing destination with family and friends was priceless. Thanks, Catterfly!
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