Hiking in Black Forest

Hiking in Black Forest

Hiking in Black Forest

Hiking, walking and Trekking has been part of Black Forest history for more than 100 years. It was Philipp Bussemer from Baden-Baden who, at the end of the 19th century, opened what was probably the first tourist information centre in the Black Forest, Publishing hiking maps and numerous hiking guides for the Schwarzwaldverein, an association that cares for the needs of nature in the Black Forest and is predominantly responsible for signposting the hiking trails in the Black Forest. While hiking without maps and compass is possible with “Geocaching”, an electronic form of treasure hunt involving finding hidden notes across several stops, The qualified hiking guides of the Schwarzwaldverein have to complete an 80-hour intensive course focusing on holistic hiking: Body movement and sense perception. Whatever be your style, easy hiking or long distance trails, passing thru snack pits or stopping by Vesperstube Black Forest has lots to offer and if you get tired of walking, why not to take a break in one of the thermal baths to rejuvenate for the next stretch of the hike. You could also plan a multi day hike with night stay overs as a rustic “vesper” snack and a hearty welcome await you as a hiker. Some of the Vesperstube have a long history and are to be found at mountain summits with outlook towers and magnificent and clear panoramic views. In short, the Black Forest Vesperstube are as much a part of the Black Forest as the cuckoo clock, the traditional Bollenhut hat, the Black Forest gateau, Black Forest cherry schnapps and Black Forest ham. Schedule: self-guided tours are of course available at your pace, but a guided or a multi day hikes needs planning and booking in advance. Please contact us and we can get this organized for you.

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