Clydeside Distillery Guided Tour and Distillery

Clydeside Distillery Guided Tour and Distillery

Clydeside Distillery Guided Tour and Distillery

The whisky distillery tours and guided whisky tasting sessions at The Clydeside Distillery allow visitors to immerse themselves in the distillery experience. Expert tour guides narrate the captivating dockside story, setting the stage for guests to enjoy sampling exquisite drams in the distillery's stylish tasting room.
The tour comprises three segments and includes the tasting of 3 Wee Drams. Participants explore the Dockside Story, self-guided, unraveling tales of whisky industry origins and Glasgow's history with live footage and animated narratives.

Moving on to the Distillery Tour, an expert guide leads visitors through The Clydeside Distillery. Craftsmen showcase the art of handcrafting pure new make spirit, utilizing traditional methods and time-honored skills. The tour culminates with a panoramic view of the River Clyde from the contemporary Still House.

The experience concludes in the sleek Tasting Room, where guests indulge in 3 Wee Drams of 10-Year-Old Single Malt Whiskies. The guide enhances the sensory experience, guiding participants in nosing and appreciating each dram. Exclusive to The Clydeside Distillery, these whiskies represent Highland, Lowland, and Islay regions.

Moreover, these exceptional whiskies are available for Label Your Own downstairs in the shop. With a 5% discount for tour ticket holders, guests can personalize a bottle as a special dedication or create a unique memento for themselves.

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