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Archita Prasad

Background noise: Two barely used legal degrees makes me a part time lawyer and full time travel enthusiast

The good stuff: If there's warmth, sunshine and a beach, you'll find me there (although I do appreciate a good icy destination in short bursts). Seeker of the good life, my travel usually includes relaxing on an island checking out the local music scene and sipping on a coconut.

My highlight reel: A twelve hour sojourn in East Timor, crawling through a lava cave in Iceland on all fours, road tripping from Thailand's islands to its mountains

What floats my boat: My itchy feet long for adventures at pretty regular intervals. Whether it's a twenty minute drive to the beach or a two month stint backpacking around Europe, I look forward to every adventure.

My cup of tea: I'm partial to Indonesia. Not just because I've called it home for a while now, but because the sheer diversity of cultures, wildlife and marine life blows my mind every day. Other destinations that top my list are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Dream destinations: Tonga, Fiji and Samoa

Bucket list: Mount Kailash circuit

Top Tip: Be ready for things to not go as planned (I learned this the hard way). Offline maps and translation apps are a true lifesaver. A smile goes a long way in a foreign country - or any place for that matter 😊


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