An unforgettable trip to New Zealand


An unforgettable trip to New Zealand

Written by Pooja Sugla Apr 11, 2018

Traveling to me is everything offbeat, everything but the routine. Its an escape and an escapade. It is a benign manner of making my Horcruxes, wherein I leave chunks of my soul in all these places, and one day I would revisit and be whole again.

Traveling entails waking up at the crack of dawn and sharing secrets with the Sun and the assumption that it shines brighter for me. Traveling shreds my patience to bits and it makes me want to push my annoying other half from the cliff and then scramble down faster to break his fall. after all traveling is also about bonding. Traveling makes me appreciate the shades of grey and spot the rainbows in an otherwise black and white world.

Traveling makes me verbose!

Our trip to New Zealand a few months ago was everything spectacular, and sharing a few highlights too many here, as it was impossible to be concise. At the onset, the picturesque Waiheke island was followed by Thames Coromandel the next day. The highlight of the day was the hot water beach, a natural phenomenon related to the tides and the volcanic fissures. We dug our pool and lolled about till the water was cold.

Next, on to the rolling hills, the hobbit holes, the sheep and the expansive verdant countryside were abundantly enticing to make Hobbit fans of us.

Next on our itinerary was the culturally profuse Rotorua where we could interact with the Maori people who were so evidently proud of their heritage. They demonstrated the Haka, their traditional war cry/ war dance.

We went onwards to Huka falls and Lake Taupo which were our personal picnic spots and we were the only visitors soaking in the bounties of nature.

The Redwoods forest walk was the ultimate experience for me. It was so peaceful, I could hear my hearts rhythm, almost like a spiritual awakening.

We were spellbound by Okarito near Franz josef. The spectacle of a beach spread out just for us! The best part of the whole NZ trip was next to none crowds in most places.

We must always make out time to jump on trampolines, befriend horses and ponies, feed them peanuts on the sly and hold on to that child like innocence.

The wondrous still water lakes with reflecting mirror images and the picture postcard views wherever you look and yet can’t get enough of.

The drive from Franz Josef to Mt cook was exhilarating and exhausting. At Franz Josef, the governers bush walk turned out to be a hike and the magnificent lake Tekapo made our hearts burst with joy. A peep through the powerful astronomical telescopes in the Lake Tekapo region humbled and condensed us into one tiny insignificant dot in this infinite cosmos.

Golddiggers panned for all that glitters, in the beatific and blissful Arrow town.

Nature is indeed Gods own canvas. We followed this amazing scenery with a a cruise to Milford sound with seal spotting and the works.

Our penultimate day in Queenstown was spent with gondola ride, luges and more followed by a drive to Glenorchy with another quick visit to Arrowtown before we bid adieu to New Zealand with memories to last forever.

Catterfly team – you guys work incessantly to provide beautiful moments in hundreds of lives. You are absolutely the best! Needless to say, the only way to travel is the Catterfly way!

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