Miniature Live Workshops

Miniature Live Workshops

Miniature Live Workshops

Miniature paintings are colorful handmade paintings very small in size. One of the outstanding features of these paintings is the intricate brushwork which contributes to their unique identity. The colors used in the paintings are derived from various natural sources like vegetables, indigo, precious stones, gold, and silver. While artists all around the world convey their respective themes through their paintings, the most common theme used in the miniature paintings of India comprises the Ragas, a pattern of musical notes, and religious and mythological stories. 

At the online art class from Catterfly, State Awardee Artist will teach you the basics of miniature painting which began in the 7th century in India. The style of painting flourished under the Mughals and later, took off in Rajasthan, and parts of Jammu and Himachal Pradesh as Pahari art. The Rajasthan miniature style, as seen in the image here, focuses on Indian myths and Krishna's love stories.

Catch all these and more from Catterfly's traditional artist. Join art lovers on this quick and exciting journey to the world of Indian. We constantly strive to onboard and support traditional artists as part of Catterfly Social Impact initiative.

**For Catterfly Art Workshops, sometimes we use the reference image from internet to teach the methods and techniques of traditional art rather than copying the sample image. Traditional arts of India in general suffer from lack of documentation and copyright issues and Catterfly is helping the traditional artist to ensure that they get their dues.  At no stage it is intentioned to sell the copyrighted art of any artist with the name of other artist. All the art products which are sold on Catterfly website are the original art work of the artist whose name is mentioned alongside the artwork.**

Time: 8 to 9 PM IST (Monday to Friday)

Radha Krishna In Miniature Painting

Theme : Radha Krishna In Miniature Painting
Date : 9th Jan to 20th Jan(Mon to Fri)
Time : 8 to 9 pm IST
Price : INR 2500

Material Needed :
  • Acrylic color set
  • Paper A3
  • Long hair Round Brushes : 0, 00, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Pencils / Eraser / Sharpener
  • Black colour Pen / Thin marker 

(Basic sketch with grid method would be provided as pre-work for tracing/sketching)

Source : Rajneesh Nibark

Terms And Conditions

  • Depending on your registration/subscription - this master class (Pictures, Videos, Description of the daily workshop) will enable the access on your registered email id.
  • This course is a recording from a live session where participants interact and ask questions. Please feel free to skip those parts of the video, if not relevant to you. In general, we recommend to listen through the interaction as it typically provides far richer learning. 
  • Artist typically speak in native language and Catterfly Moderator will translate the main instructions.
  • The workshop poster images are representational images from internet and will be used only as a reference to teach the methods and techniques of the art form. The artist will try to create the final artwork which is different from the image shown above. The actual image may be subject to copyright, and we advise not to recreate the image as is for any commercial purposes. There is no copyright infringement intended by by the artist and Catterfly while using this image for teaching the methods and techniques.

Course access is non-transferable and non-refundable and it is a legal offence to download and reproduce the digital content in any form without explicit authorization and approval of Catterfly. All commercial and IP rights of the content resides with Catterfly.

12 Hrs

Prices starting from

On request

  • Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Destination
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