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Your one stop shop for all things art - Catterfly Shop brings to you specially curated craft items, art supplies, paintings, home décor items and apparel from our Master Artists themselves.
Perhaps you want to gift something to your loved ones, or deck up your living room or create a cosy corner, we have many classy options to choose from. 

You can buy these off the shelf, or get a customized* painting or gift item - this is an opportunity to  support our award winning native artists without fretting about the authenticity of the work that you purchase from us!

Kalighat & Santhal

 Click here to buy Kalighat & Santhal Art, Craft & Apparel. Catterfly artist Samir Chitrakar is a Midnapore artist who is well-versed in traditional mythological themes and tongue-in-cheek Babu-Bibi paintings. 


Click here to buy Gond Paintings & Apparel. Gond art adorns walls, canvases, and several other mediums. This genre of Gond painting, also referred to as Jangarh Kalam, captures the life of the tribe – its deities, myths, festivals, dances and relationship with nature. These art and craft items are from traditional Gond artist Choti Tekam.


Click here to buy Pichwai Paintings. Artist Kapil Sharma comes from a family of traditional chitrakars and creates a variety of paintings in the Pichwai tradition.


 Click here to buy Pattachitra Art & Craft. From traditional tadpatra paintings to decor items, Catterfly master artist and national awardee Bhaskar Mohapatra works on a variety of themes and mediums.


Click here to buy Contemporary Paintings. Catterfly’s contemporary artist Vipra Karkare is deeply committed to painting in several styles – from eye-catching graffiti to dreamy landscapes and dramatic oils. 


Click here to buy Warli Paintings. Veteran artist Sanjay Sangle has been shaped by his tribe's painting traditions passed down by women in his family. He captures the pulse of his community through his paintings, and also ventures to do contemporary versions in the path forged by the late Jivya Soma Mashe, the father of Warli painting in its current form.


Click here to buy Madhubani Art, Craft & Apparel.  Catterfly Master Artist Hema Devi is a national awardee and a prolific artist. She specializes in Kachni and paper mache figurines and continues the region's tradition of talented women artists.
We also stock items from another versatile artist
Remant Kumar Mishra.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Most products are delivered in India within 7-10 days of placing the order if ordered without a frame
  • International deliveries usually take 10-14 days for unframed paintings
  • Please note this is an estimate and can vary depending on network congestion, customs clearance etc. We do not ship framed paintings out of India owing to high courier charges

Care Instructions

  • Gently dry dust the painting once a month. Use a slightly damp cloth & gently dab to remove dust once in 6 months
  • Don’t use soap, detergent & disinfectants to clean paintings
  • Keep paintings away from direct sunlight, surfaces with water seepage

Terms and Conditions

  • Final handmade painting may vary from displayed image
  • All-inclusive price with standard shipping through Indian post. For urgent delivery, additional charges applicable
  • Shipping charges will be additional for international shipment
  • Products will not be returned/exchanged
  • Paintings are IP of Artist and Catterfly. Unauthorised reproduction of paintings and unlawful actions will result in strict legal action

Contact Information

Phone/WhatsApp : +91 63938 97910
Mail :
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