Catterfly Indian Art Workshop Subscription Plans

Art Subscription Plans

Art Subscription Plans

Why did man make cave paintings? To tell a story. This age-old instinct to creatively interpret reality and imagine newer worlds through art has only grown stronger over time. Traditional Indian art forms embody this creative instinct with their rich imagery, stunning use of colours and imaginative storytelling from myths and legends - from folksy Madhubani to complex Pattachitra. Learning to paint in these styles hones creativity, deepens understanding of the world and makes us more mindful.

But how to find authentic Indian art teachers online? To cut through the noise and help you make an informed choice, Catterfly offers 2 art subscription plans that offer well-curated masterclasses in Indian arts by genuine artists. These versatile plans are tailored to suit beginners and advanced learners. They have also been designed keeping in mind different interests and budgets.

Choose your plan with care and start your journey into the world of Indian art with native artists as your teachers and mentors. Become excellent artists and makers in your own right!

Primer: Starter Plan For Art Lovers
Catterfly's affordable Primer plan offers authentic art lessons. Award-winning traditional artists & expert moderators to mentor you all the way!
  • Choose 1 art from a bouquet of 8 options – Madhubani, Warli, Pattachitra, Kerala Mural, Pichwai, Kalighat, Santhal & Contemporary
  • Spend 20+ hours in live class with guidance of artist & moderators

Club 16: Advanced Plan For Artists & Makers
Catterfly's Club 16 will challenge you to become a better artist. Shape your art career under the guidance of award-winning traditional artists & moderators.
  • Choose 5+ arts from a bouquet of 8 options – Madhubani, Warli, Pattachitra, Kerala Mural, Pichwai, Kalighat, Santhal & Contemporary
  • Spend 100+ hours in live class guided by artist & moderator
  • Avail discounted special art sessions 
  • Get free access to Art Open Houses
  • Gift a workshop to family/friend*
*Conditions apply

  • Get unlimited access to recordings of your classrooms for quarterly, yearly packages
  • Be the first to know about our art residencies & offers
  • Gift a workshop to family/friend*

Monthly Primer

 Artforms   Price  Subscribe 
 Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat/Santhal  ₹ 2040    Register Now
 Pichwai  ₹ 2550   Register Now
 Contemporary  ₹ 3060   Register Now
 Kerala Murals, Pattachitra  ₹ 3740   Register Now

Quarterly Primer

 Artforms   Price  Subscribe 
 Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat/Santhal  ₹ 5400   Register Now
 Pichwai  ₹ 6750   Register Now
 Contemporary  ₹ 8100   Register Now
 Kerala Murals, Pattachitra  ₹ 9900   Register Now

Yearly Primer

 Artforms   Price  Subscribe 
 Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat/Santhal  ₹ 17280   Register Now
 Pichwai  ₹ 21600   Register Now
 Contemporary  ₹ 25920   Register Now
 Kerala Murals, Pattachitra  ₹ 31680   Register Now

Get My Club 16 Plan!

 Plan   Price  Subscribe 
 Monthly  ₹ 6120   Register Now
 100 Hours Special  ₹ 6000   Register Now
 Quarterly  ₹ 15000   Register Now
6 Monthly  ₹ 30000   Register Now
Yearly  ₹ 48000   Register Now

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