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100 hours Plan

100 hours Plan

Why did man make cave paintings? To tell a story. This age-old instinct to creatively interpret reality and imagine newer worlds through art has only grown stronger over time. Traditional Indian art forms embody this creative instinct with their rich imagery, stunning use of colours and imaginative storytelling from myths and legends - from folksy Madhubani to complex Pattachitra. Learning to paint in these styles hones creativity, deepens understanding of the world and makes us more mindful.

But how to find authentic Indian art teachers online? To cut through the noise and help you make an informed choice, Catterfly offers 100 hours plan that offer well-curated masterclasses in Indian arts by genuine artists. You can avail upcoming workshops on no of hour basis.

This versatile plans is tailored to suit beginners and advanced learners. They have also been designed keeping in mind different interests and time.

100 Hrs Special Subscription - with an incredible 60% OFF

Have you been wanting to join our Monthly subscription but have wondered 🤔
⛔️ Will I spend all my days in back-to-back online classes of various art forms❓
⛔️ With access to recordings for 3 months, will I be able to finish all my paintings in 3 months❓
⛔️ Which festivals are around the corner? Is it summer vacations? Will I be traveling or hosting or entertaining making it impossible to commit a chunk of my time at one go❓

Well fret not, the all new flavour of 100 hours, is here to help you!

✅ 100 hours of workshops for INR 6000
✅ Choose from workshops across 7 art forms with Award Winning Master Artists *
✅ Choose from workshops over the ✨next 3 months✨!
✅ Lifetime access to recordings !!

* 7 art forms include Madhubani, Warli, Kalighat & Santhal, Pichhwai, Contemporary, Pattachitra & Kerala Murals

Artforms to Choose from

 Artforms  Calendar for the Art-form
 Madhubani   Calendar for Madhubani
 Warli   Calendar for Warli
 Kalighat & Santhal   Calendar for Kalighat & Santhal
 Pichwai   Calendar for Pichwai
 Contemporary   Calendar for Contemporary
 Pattachitra   Calendar for Pattachitra
 Kerala Murals   Calendar for Kerala Murals

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100 Hrs

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