Urban Street Art in Basel


Urban Art in Basel

Written by Nitin Pradhan May 01, 2020
Basel is home to not only prestigious Art Basel exhibition that gathers top artists from all over the world, the city simply breathes creativity and culture all over. In fact, No other European city has so many top museums in such a small space. 37 square kms for almost 40 museums! But, what is unique about Basel is that art is not confined to museums and galleries and a walk through the city reveals colourful texts, graphics and some elaborately spray-painted motifs. In recent times, the colorful form of expression on city walls and facades has become more widespread, and urban art has now established itself as a recognized artistic genre.

One can easily discover the impressive works of art on Basel's streets while biking, walking or running across the city. I often find myself stopping over my bike around the corner and click photographs of these street art, and will soon compile the pictures into a much more comprehensive online collection to share with the street art lovers. 

In fact there is also one specific quarter around Klybeckquai that seems to be earmarked for this as there are countless graffiti around the freight wagons, or the walls of the industrial buildings, or simply placed as street art sculptures. I often stop by this area and check out the street art, when i go for a long run around the Rhine. 

There are some specific guided tours, that focus exclusively on the street art - and one of these also offers pick up and drop in a Bentley and stay in one of the most expensive hotels in the city; and we hope to make it bit less luxurious, inexpensive and accessible experience for all..!
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