Tauranga for the adventurous spirit!


Tauranga for the adventurous spirit!

Written by Rakshit Darbari Jan 19, 2018
Tauranga is the largest port in New Zealand and has been dubbed the ‘Party Capital’ of the region. However, there’s. A lot more to discover here and the fun doesn’t leave out any age group. With many cool treks on Mt. Maunganui, Waterworld and the best waves to surf on, you will never want to leave..

Mt. Maunganui is one of the best hiking spots in the region. With 4 differents tracks, all varying in fitness level required and each with different scenic lookouts, you are assured of breathtaking beauty wherever you go. The easiest track is the base track and takes about 45 minutes. You will be able to see the ocean on one hand and the mountain on the other – an awe inspiring sight. The Orauhine track is a little bit steeper but you will get excellent views of Tauranga and the beach. This track will lead you to the 4WD track which takes you to the top of summit, with panoramic views of the surrounding areas. If you do get to the summit before sunset, I would not recommend staying there for too long as it can get really cold and windy!

If you have had your fill of mountains, Tauranga is the place to try your hand at surfing at Mt. Maunganui main beach. A two day course will give you a taste of the sport, and if you fall in love with the feeling of riding a wave, stick around to get your adrenalin pumping. With reasonable prices and all equipment provided, it’s a great experience for all age groups.

One of the coolest and most fun activity you can only do in the summer and only in Tauranga is the world famous Waterworld. This is a theme park unlike any other, with quirky inventions and over 70 water themed attractions. Set up in the middle of CBD, it can be easily reached from any hotel and is close to the best restaurants in town. From bouncy castles to huge trampolines, this is good old fashioned fun for the whole family, and you are sure to walk away with huge smiles.

Rakshit Darbari 
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