Madhubani Masterclasses

Madhubani Masterclasses

Madhubani Masterclasses

Madhubani is an ancient Indian folk art, which traces its origins to the times of Indian epic Ramayana. Traditionally practised by women artists of Mithila region (parts of Bihar, Nepal) on floors and walls, the bright paintings cover mythological tales, rituals and festivals, and local lives. 
There are 5 distinct styles -  colourful Bharni, Godna, Tantrik and Gobar to minimalist Kachni. The lines between styles have now blurred and Madhubani designs appear on canvas, cloth, paper mache and a variety of mediums. Women of the region continue to blaze a path by experimenting with themes and winning awards. 

Catterfly master artist Hema Devi is a national awardee and a prolific artist. She specializes in Kachni and paper mache figurines and continues the region's tradition of talented women artists.

Contact Information

Phone/WhatsApp : +91 6393897910
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Terms And Conditions

1. Payment: 100% advance before the video access.
2. No part of the session or the performance can be recorded and electronically reproduced and distributed
3. Copyrights of the artwork done in Catterfly Workshops remains with Catterfly and Artists. Any commercial reproduction of the same/similar painting infringes on the copyrights and is subject to royalty.
4. Video access would be available for 3 weeks from the time of purchase.
5. Catterfly Travel Pvt. Ltd is based in India and is governed by local regulations and bylaws.

5 Hrs

Prices starting from

$ 7

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