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Manish Sharma

A self-professed people person and Enfield adventurer, Manish ensures  that every Catterflier gets the unique mix of adrenalin, tranquility & cultural immersion.

The background noise: I’m a commerce graduate with a management degree but not too sure how much it has actually helped me in my professional growth. I was always sure that I had great people skills. Convincing someone and maintaining that relationship forever was what I was good at. This helped me in my sales profession and helped me in experiencing across industries starting from financial segment, banking, healthcare and FMCG.

The good stuff:
I enjoy biking, Traveling, Cooking and Adventure sports

My highlight Reel: My idea of traveling is that you need travel to far off places every time, you can experience and learn new things in each and every place you visit for the first time. From my visits to small places in Chattisgarh like Bastar and Dantewada to places like Pichavaram, Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, each and every place has added some value to my overall personality.

What floats my boat: Meeting new people and getting to know more about this diverse world inspires me the most.

My cup of tea: India specially Wild life Sancturies and almost all religious Destinations.

Dream destinations: India, Kenya, Switzerland

Bucket list: Travel to Leh and Laddakh in my Enfield bullet.

Top Tip: This simply is about being informed about the destination you are visiting. Enjoy and experience the local culture and food as much as possible. Be versatile with your tongue.😊

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