Tree of Life - A beautiful journey of Gond Art


Tree of Life - A beautiful journey of Gond Art

Written by Brinda Menon Feb 06, 2021
I had this wonderful experience of  living the night life of a tree through Gond art with renowned artist Sambhav shyam ji.I loved the way he brought life into the art. 

We chose a black background to represent night and  vibrant colors to bring life into the art.A simple art form with so much of depth and feeling and emotion of nature around us which many times we fail to recognize or observe in this hustle bustle of one's life. Take a pause and enjoy and destress yourself with this art form Gond. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this session with so much of information you get from Sambhav ji .

Thank you very much Catterfly , and Sambhav ji for this WONDERFUL journey.

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