Getaway in the time of Corona!


Getaway in the time of Corona!

Written by Nitin Pradhan Aug 05, 2020
The question finally popped up when the kids asked us in the last week of summer break "Are we going out anywhere"? We decided to pack our bags and head out to a Swiss Chalet in the mountain. Our host received a heads up about our arrival only 2 hours in advance and was surprised, as spontaneous decisions are not typically Swiss!

As always, Swiss hosts are charming and our host Ursula was smiling as we pulled over our car in front of our chalet in a small hill above the village of Reichenbach. Reichenbach is a small village nestled in the valley 30-45 mins away from Interlaken which is usually a bustling place - something that we wanted to give a skip especially post COVID. Our chalet is from 1927 and still retains so many unique characteristics including the ceramic heating hub inside the house.

Reichenbach in fact also hosts a small airport that is used for alpine flying and sports like skydiving. During normal times tourists come to the village from Interlaken only if they want to indulge in some kind of mountain sport. We were familiar with this area as it is also close to one of our favourite getaways in Switzerland - Kandersteg. Kander is the name of the river that flows through the valley and all the villages alongside are perfect for an idyllic stay in the mountain.

We settled in our chalet along with the two cats of the host, and after a while stepped out for a drive through the mountain as it was raining and discovered a little known gem Adelboden - a ski resort at the far end of the valley. Next morning, we went out for run thru the mountain and explored the village around our chalet. Kabir and Meera decided to draw their own version of the mountain houses amidst the hills.. :-)

More to come as we head out for one of the most beautiful hike in this region from one hill top to another - yes, its a ridge walk..!

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