Creating My First Warli Art Piece


Creating My First Warli Art Piece

Written by Kusum Pradhan May 12, 2020

Wow! I am amazed to see my own drawn Warli painting. 

As such I never tried to learn drawing or painting in 65 years of my life and thought I had no interest in it. But, during COVID19 lockdown, I was getting bored and depressed and Catterfly team - Richa and Nitin inspired me to try and learn Warli Art.  ' Can I really do it at this age?'  was the question lingering in my mind.  Then, Catterfly team suggested me to join Online Art sessions conducted by Catterfly in which award winning artists like Mr. Sanjay Sangle teach the art even to beginners like me. I decided to try it out even though I did not have drawing materials and started out with a pencil and a drawing sheet . I tremendously enjoyed 3 days of online sessions and got the confidence to practice it further and create my own piece of Warli Art. 

I had no colors or sketch pens but borrowed a black sketch pen from my neighbor's kid and completed the painting . I like the simplicity and complexity of Warli Art and that one can use the techniques to express their own ideas and scenes from 'day-to-day life'. I plan to practice it further on more complex motifs and ideas on canvas and handmade papers once the lockdown is over. Until then, let me share my simple painting and I hope you will like it...!

I would like to thank Catterfly team who changed my perceptions and helped me to learn these traditional artforms of India by conducting these online sessions managed by awarded winning artist. Thank you Catterfly Team once again...

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