Urban Life

Urban Life

Urban Life

Deflecting from the traditional style in this painting, we want to showcase the hustle and bustle of urban life and how it can be depicted using simple warli techniques. In this workshop, we will make a beautiful painting with our native Warli artist - Mr Sanjay Sangle.This painting is the fusion of modern and traditional Warli Art.

This artwork is finished in 6 Modules  each. You can pace yourself depending on your skill and experience in sketching, detailing and coloring. Enjoy the making of the artwork and indulge in bringing your personal creations and customization to the artwork.

Modules of the Workshop

Module 1: Making of the border
Module 2:  Making of the formation of circle of the center motif 
Module 3:Making of the different human activities in the outer  circular formation and how to learn a unique method of the background
Module 4: Making of the God Ram-Ravana yudh scene, Different worshiping place Ex- temple, Church etc. on the top of the canvas
Module 5:  Making of the variety of scene ex- Baarat scene, train, and many vehicles in the lower part of the canvas
Module 6:Drew depicts sequence of activities of theme and Complete the painting and gave the final touches

Materials Required

List of Materials:

  • 14*22 inches.paper or canvas
  • 0.5/0.7 white micron pens. The artist will be doing directly with a Brush & with white acrylic color
  • Rough papers, Pencil, Sharpener and Erasers for drawing a motif and then transferring it on to the final surface.
  • Scale for measurement of the borders and drawing the borders
  • If using Acrylic colors
    1. White and other Color as you like
    2. 0,00,1,2, 10 No. Brushes
    3. Old cloth & Bowl to keep water

Contact Information

Phone/WhatsApp : +91 63938 97910
Mail : info@catterfly.travel

Terms And Conditions

1. Payment: 100% advance before the video access.
2. No part of the session or the performance can be recorded and electronically reproduced and distributed
3. Copyrights of the artwork done in Catterfly Workshops remains with Catterfly and Artists. Any commercial reproduction of the same/similar painting infringes on the copyrights and is subject to royalty.
4. Video access would be available for 3 weeks from the time of purchase.
5. Catterfly Travel Pvt. Ltd is based in India and is governed by local regulations and bylaws.


8 Hrs

Prices starting from

$ 12

  • Palghar, Maharashtra, India Destination
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