LIVE Kalbeliya Dance Performance by Meena Sapera

LIVE Kalbeliya Dance Performance by Meena Sapera

LIVE Kalbeliya Dance Performance by Meena Sapera

Enjoy the LIVE performance of Kalbeliya Dance by Meena Sapera & Group..!

Kalbeliya dance is a famous folk dance of Rajasthan also known as 'Snake Charmer Dance'. It is performed by a Rajasthani Tribe  'Kalbeliya'.  Since the enactment of the Wildlife Act of 1972, the Kalbelias have been pushed out of their traditional profession of snake handling. Kalbeliya today evoke their former occupation in music and dance that is evolving in new and creative ways. 

In olden times the women use to sing and dance only on special occasions such as weddings, festivals, etc. in their very own distinct style. As times changed these women started performing stage shows around the globe and it also brought a change to their dancing style as well as the attires. Their swaying dresses, made up of colourful beads give a distinct identity to the women of Kalbeliya community. Interestingly the swirling attire is made by the Kalbeliya women themselves. The popularity of this dance is so much worldwide that Rajasthan's Kalbeliya dance and songs are now in UNESCO's representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the year 2010.

The performers shall leave you enchanted with their moves, bedecked attire, and the folk songs which are sung LIVE by a band. The performance magic starts as dancers dance in their black skirts (traditional attire) and swirl, replicating the movements of a cobra. Witness coordinated grounded tapping of the feet on the rhythms of the traditional instruments played by the men, such as pongi (woodwind ), dafli (small tambourine), chang (large tambourine), and manjeeras (cymbals). We bet you will not be able to stop yourself from dancing with them. 

Duration: 1 hour approx.
Day: Saturday/Sunday
Time: 4- 5 PM IST
Price: 400 INR + 5% GST  or 5 EUR (per attendee)
*10 or more attendees are required for a LIVE screening

Private Sessions: Group of 5 or more 

Price On Request 



What To Expect

  • Know the history and origins of Kalbeliya Dance and grab interesting trivia
  • 40 minutes of LIVE performance on 4 folk songs sung by a LIVE band. The performance shall happen in a natural setting.
  • Trivia about the folk songs & dance movements
  • A chance to talk to the artist and her group members after the performance

About the Artist:

 Meena Sapera

Meena Sapera & Group known as the best folk dance group in Rajasthan was founded by Ms. Meena Saprea. The thought of dancing fascinated her since her early childhood and finally gave her first stage performance when she was Five.  Their performances are not limited only to India but have left their mark in China, Sweden, Thailand, Belarus, Bangkok & many European countries. They have a team of well-trained professional dancers with the perfectionist leader Meena Sapera who can put the stage on fire and enthrall the audience. 

Terms And Conditions

  • The session will be conducted online and we recommend ensuring a stable internet connection for the duration of the session.
  • Link to join the session will be shared one day prior to the scheduled date.  
  • One may face interruptions during the course of the live stream due to internet connectivity issues.
  • Show details and the artist lineup are subject to change as per the artist’s discretion.
  • No refunds on purchased tickets are possible, even in case of any rescheduling.
  • Catterfly Travel Pvt. Ltd is based in India and is governed by local regulations and bylaws.

1 Hrs

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