Kerala Murals Beginners to Advance Course

Kerala Murals - Beginners to advance Course

Kerala Murals - Beginners to advance Course

Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication the artists have to their art. The temples and palaces of Kerala are all a visual treat. Kerala Mural Art is to be treasured for a lifetime as a symbol of natural beauty, grace, elegance and pious devotion.

Kerala Mural "Beginners to Advance course" which is provided by Catterfly Art & Culture where classes are taught by traditional artist from Kerala - Mr. Saju MP. This course comprises of 4 levels of materials depending on the complexity and duration of the workshop. Once bought, you will get entire bundle of workshops to work on with your own pace, time and comfort.

This versatile plans is tailored to suit beginners and advanced learners. They have also been designed keeping in mind different interests and time.

Here comes Catterfly with an incredible 45% OFF on original price of INR 24000/-!!

What is included in this course?
✅ 135+ hours of Online Workshops (Pre-recorded)
✅ 14 workshops with 60+ modules
✅ 4 Levels - Beginner to Advanced
✅ Stepwise instructions with pictures and videos
✅ Assessment and Feedback by Master Artist
✅ Ongoing Support by Catterfly Art Experts
✅ Lifelong Access to Videos

About our Artist
Saju is a native artist of Kerala and works in temples and churches of Kerala as Kerala Mural Artist. He is also actively involved in restoration work of Kerala Murals to preserve this heritage art.

Catterfly Art and Culture takes pride in collaborating with native artists who not only impart their knowledge but also tell stories behind each painting that they teach.

Enjoy Complimentary BONUS Workshop!

Join our Kerala Mural Classroom to access the Complimentary Workshop of ArdhNareshwar.

✨Click on the link to join the classroom

👉Once you enter the classroom click on classwork tab to access the complimentary workshop of Ardhnareshwar

Modules of the Course

 Artforms  Calendar for the Art-form
 Level 1️⃣   Key Design Elements, Motifs
 Level 1️⃣    Peacock in Kerala Mural
 Level 1️⃣    Traditional Mural Motif
 Level 1️⃣   Peacock variation in Kerala Murals
 Level 2️⃣   Deer Couple
 Level 2️⃣   Kathakali Face
 Level 2️⃣   Ganesha in Kerala Murals
 Level 2️⃣   Anandhi
 Level 3️⃣   Buddha in Kerala Murals
 Level 3️⃣   Shree Krishna holding lotus
 Level 3️⃣   Goddess Lakshmi
 Level 3️⃣   Krishna Playing Flute
 Level 3️⃣   Ardhnareshwar
 Level 4️⃣   Radha - Krishna in Kerala Murals Style

Know about Kerala Murals

🤔Do you Know what is special about Kerala Mural Paintings❓
An ideal souvenir to be treasured for a lifetime, Kerala murals are a symbol of natural beauty and grace, elegance and simplicity and of pious devotion

🤔Why is it called mural❓
The word “mural” comes from the Latin word “murus” meaning wall. Murals are wall and ceiling imagery. Many murals are applied directly to the wall using paint or indirectly by applying a prepainted or preprinted image to the wall with an adhesive

🤔Do you know Which is the largest mural painting in Kerala❓
Krishnapuram Palace situated at Kayamkulam in Alappuzha district of Kerala is where one can see India's largest mural painting.

🤔Which place is known as mural city in Kerala❓
Vasthuvidya Gurukulam is a unique institution for ancient Indian architecture and mural paintings situated at Aranmula in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India.

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