Kerala Mural Workshops - July 2021

Kerala Mural Workshops - July 2021

Kerala Mural Workshops - July 2021

Every mural is a testament to the depth of dedication the artists have to their art. The temples and palaces of Kerala are all a visual treat wherein the sagas of ancient Hindu Gods and Goddesses unfold.

As a part of Kerala Murals Masterclass, Catterfly Art Curators curates diverse themes along with native artists. Learn the authentic Kerala Mural Painting with native artist – Mr Saju who has worked in temples (Guruvayoor) and churches of Kerala as Kerala Mural Artist. He is also actively involved in restoration work of Kerala Murals to preserve this heritage art.

Exclusive Offer for July for 4 weeks of workshops
1 Art - INR 3500 only
2 Arts - INR 5500 only
3 Arts - INR 7000 only
(Choose from: Kerala Mural, Picchwai & Pattachitra)

15th to 29th July Workshop - Krishna

Theme : Krishna in Kerala Mural Style
Dates : July 15th & 16th (Friday and Saturday)
July 19th to 29th (Monday to Thursday)
Time : 6 to 7.30 pm IST
Duration : 15 + hrs.
Price : INR 3800
*Outline included as pre-work*

Material Needed:
•    18*12 thick paper/canvas
•    Pencils / Eraser / Sharpener
•    Black colour Pen / Thin marker
•    Acrylic colors - Yellow ochre, Sap green, Prussian blue, Black, Burnt sienna, Vermillion hue
•    Long Hair Brushes : 000, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9

*Representational Image from net*


About Artist:
Saju is a mural artist and murals art teacher from kerala. He has done a lot of remarkable works and the story of “Rukmini swayamvaram” “gajendramoksham” “sankhuchakragadhadhari vishnu” “poothanamoksham” done on Guruvayoor temple wall is some of them. All these works satisfy the descriptions in “DHYANASLOKAS” (Vedic descriptions).

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Terms And Conditions

  • Depending on your registration/subscription - this master class (Pictures, Videos, Description of the daily workshop) will enable the access on your registered email id.
  • This course is a recording from a live session where participants interact and ask questions. Please feel free to skip those parts of the video, if not relevant to you. In general, we recommend to listen through the interaction as it typically provides far richer learning. 
  • Artist typically speak in native language and Catterfly Moderator will translate the main instructions.

Course access is non-transferable and non-refundable and it is a legal offence to download and reproduce the digital content in any form without explicit authorization and approval of Catterfly. All commercial and IP rights of the content resides with Catterfly.

25 Hrs

Prices starting from

On request

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