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Hot Deals of the Month

Hot Deals of the Month

Every month, team Catterfly will create a specially curated list of unique Masterclasses. These list features favourite themes from award-winning Artists and Art Moderators  and is in-keeping with happenings around us, the festivals, the seasons or simply because its much loved - your one stop shop for the recommended video lessons this month!

And to add to the magic, you get an incredible 25% discount on it - only for the month! 

Warli - Ram Janm Celebration

Theme: Ram Janm Celebration
Hours: 4.5 hrs
Price: INR 600 450
Master Artist: Sanjay Sangle

Click here for more details.

Gond - Multi Motif Gond Painting

Theme: Multi Motif Gond Painting
Hours: 10 hrs
Price: INR 1200 900
Master Artist: Chhoti Tekam

Click here for more details.

Contemporary - Shekhar Roy's Baul Painting in Gouache

Theme: Shekhar Roy's Baul Painting in Gouache
Hours: 6 hrs
Price: INR 999 750
Master Artist: Vipra Karkare

Click here for more info.

Pattachitra - Ram and Sita blessing Hanuman

Theme: Ram and Sita blessing Hanuman
Hours: 10 hrs
Price:  INR 2100 1575
Master Artist: Bhaskar Mohapatra 
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Thangka Painting - Music Fairy

Theme: Music Fairy in Thangka Painting
Hours: 4 hrs
Price: INR 850 638
Master Artist: Krishna Tashi Palmo

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Miniature Painting - Ragini

Theme: Ragini in miniature painting
Hours: 6 hrs
Price: INR 1950 1463
Master Artist: Rafiuddin Ji

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Terms And Conditions

1. Payment: 100% advance before the video access.
2. No part of the session or the performance can be recorded and electronically reproduced and distributed
3. Copyrights of the artwork done in Catterfly Workshops remains with Catterfly and Artists. Any commercial reproduction of the same/similar painting infringes on the copyrights and is subject to royalty.
4. Video access would be available for 3 weeks from the time of purchase.
5. Catterfly Travel Pvt. Ltd is based in India and is governed by local regulations and bylaws.
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