GoCar Lisbon

GoCar Lisbon

GoCar Lisbon

Explore Lisbon in a unique and exciting way and at your pace – by GoCar! Easy and fun to drive, and the car always knows where you are, even if you don’t. As you drive, car knows where to turn and what you’re passing, and it waits patiently if you want to stop. With a selection of itineraries and tour lengths to choose from, you can discover Lisbon on your own schedule! GoCar highlights specific locations throughout Lisbon providing a unique experience unlike a traditional tour, and the choice is yours whether your tour is for one hour or a full day. and the GPS ensures that you’ll never get lost, even when straying from the pre-programmed routes. A real human voice in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese describes the sights along with anecdotes like the one about Lisbon’s Castle, or the one mentioning the ride up one of Lisbon’s seven hills towards the Graça area. Operating Schedule: There are different routes and time options available, with lots of historical and cultural sights and landmarks along the way and it is best to book it in advance. 

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