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Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making

Do you dream of visiting a real chocolate factory? Swiss chocolate is as famous as mountains, clocks or Heidi. And so it should be – it’s smooth and delicious. Experience with all your senses the secrets around the origins and manufacturing of Swiss chocolate and you have many options to choose depending on which chocolate is your personal favorite. Discover and enjoy Chocolate Experience, with its chocolate boutique, chocolate exhibition, live confectioner and course facilities. In the “Chocolate Workshop” course, an expert chocolatier will help both young and old to create their own chocolate works of art. In the interactive visitor experience walk through the history of cocoa to the present day, touch freshly roasted cocoa beans and follow the nose towards the irresistible scent of freshly made chocolate. The chocolate tasting will titillate your taste buds with the aromas of exquisite cocoa, fresh Alpine milk and the best ingredients, and along with some unforgettable memories, you will be able to take home your very own chocolate with you. Chocolate Making Courses and visits to Experience Center are possible through the year. However, the dates and timings are as per the schedule and require advance bookings.


4 Hrs

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$ 21

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