Catterfly Video Library

Catterfly Video Library

Catterfly Video Library

Catterfly Video Library is a repository of video lessons from Catterfly Live classes.  This video library comes with well-structures modules, access to Art Moderators as well as Artists for comment and suggestions, a vibrant art community - all the perks of Live classes minus the time constraint!

Please note:
  1. Depending on your registration/subscription - this master class will enable the access on your registered email id.
  2. This course is a recording from a live session where participants interact and ask questions. Please feel free to skip those parts of the video, if not relevant to you. In general, we recommend to listen through the interaction as it typically provides far richer learning.
  3. Artist typically speak in native language and Catterfly Moderator will translate the main instructions.
  4. Course access is non-transferable and non-refundable and it is a legal offence to download and reproduce the digital content in any form without explicit authorization and approval of Catterfly. All commercial and IP rights of the content resides with Catterfly.

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Complimentary Workshops

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Video Library by Art Forms

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Contact Information

Phone/WhatsApp : +91 93183 27629
Mail :

Terms And Conditions

1. Payment: 100% advance before the video access.
2. No part of the session or the performance can be recorded and electronically reproduced and distributed
3. Copyrights of the artwork done in Catterfly Workshops remains with Catterfly and Artists. Any commercial reproduction of the same/similar painting infringes on the copyrights and is subject to royalty.
4. Video access would be available for 3 weeks from the time of purchase.
5. Catterfly Travel Pvt. Ltd is based in India and is governed by local regulations and bylaws.
Prices starting from

$ 6

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